Monday, 9 November 2009

BNP article

Although i like the old poster/ stained paper idea i feel for an article in a magazine the plain white background might be more suitable, giving me the chance to work with a lot of negative space
The BNP has been using the old British symbols of WWII, i wanted to take that idea as i had  with the first attempt by using the stained coloured paper to suggest an aged poster, and worked more on the layout once more.
I Tried to make the illustration stand out more as being BNP and wanted to show the poisonous words pumping through the veins i feel that one phrase sums it up nicely, however i was not comfortable with the layout so I developed it further.

This was an illusatration based on a BNP article, the main thing that stuck out in the article was a sentence something along the lines of  "racism and hatred running through the veins of the BNP" so I came to the idea of the heart of the BNP being poisonous and deadly, however my tutor at uni didn't like this final piece so as u can see I developed it further.

scarlett johansson

Another piece for uni, This was based on an article about Scarlett becoming the new face of Mango Fashion label. The article mentioned how Scarlett's appearance had been transformed into a more urban sheek style. So i wanted to convey urban in my illustration, I liked the idea of graffiti because it is obviously urban but it also suggests change, as a plain wall is turned into art. Which echo's scarlett's Transformation.

Lily Allen

This was done for uni work, it was based on an article about how technology is ruining the music industry. Also how lily Allen has given up on music due to illegal downloading caused by technology. I tried to create a eye catching image showing Lilly's depression and how she's almost hollow because we as a society are draining her tallents.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Passing of time

This was made for an article about a new anti aging method. I took the approach of anti aging being akin to turning back the clock of life for beauty.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Murder on the Mind

My mind is a bit hard to put onto paper at the minute... illustrator's block.... if there is such a thing. So this piece took a great deal of effort to knock out. Its nothing special, but hopefully it is the piece that will open the flood gates and let out alot more work from now on.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Atlas' Wife


Stage 2

Stage 1


Based on a random idea I have for a story


A front cover design for a book based on the fear of clowns 

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Barn house horror


This is a piece that i really like, it was done while extremely stressed for a deadline and i managed to pull this out of the hat so I was rather pleased 

The beginning

Welcome to my blog, a place that will hopefully grow and flourish a lot like mold in a dark damp  environment. My blog will continue to grow and absorb until it represents all that is creepy in the world. Hopefully!!!!
 Before I illustrate a piece I never intend for it to be dark, creepy and macabre, its just something that happens the original idea is warped and twisted in some dark corner of my mind. Now this isn't really turning into a good defense for my sanity so i'll just stop talking now and allow my work to speak for itself.